Name Title Research Fields
I-Chun, Liu Professor and Director of the Department Public policy
Health care policy analysis
Social Science research method
Knowledge management
Wein, Peng Professor Political communication
Media management
Convergence policy
Chang-Tay, Chiou Professor Cultural creative industry study
Public policy and management
Disaster and crisis management
Hakka study
A-Ron, Liu Professor Ethnic relationship
Sustainable development
Political economy
Civil education
Deng-Wang, Hsieh Professor The third sector research
Voluntary service research
Local government and policy
Theory and practice of community empowerment
Chia-Huang, Wang Professor Urban sociology
Technology and society
Sociological theory
Ching-Pu, Cheng Professor Decision sciences
Professional ethics
Crisis decision-making and management
National defense management
Yu-Ying, Lee Associate Professor Consumer culture
Visual culture
Gender studies
Women's studies
Chun-Hao, Li Associate Professor Population studies
Urban studies
Family studies
Social statistics
Survey research
Jie-Sheng, Jan Assistant Professor International,
International Migration and Ethnic Relations,
Intermarriage and Assimilation,
Education and Social Stratification,
Social Status and Mental Health,
Fertility and Family.