Space and Educational Facility

The department continually improves teaching equipment, develops good study spaces,and improves the quality of administrative service to provide every student with an ideal study environment.


Study Spaces


Survey Research Center

In accordance with the curriculum, we instruct students to operate telephone-survey software, thus enhancing students’ employability upon graduation.



Digital Classroom for Qualitative Research and Reading Room

These rooms are equipped with research software and multiple computers for online course selection, information searching, and related research.




A place for teachers and students to conduct academic research, discuss courses, and enjoy the media collection.



Exclusive Classrooms

They are equipped with audio-visual teaching systems, including e-desks, digital whiteboards, etc.



Exclusive Studio for Graduate Students

It is equipped with multiple computers, printers, and bookcases to provide students convenience for data gathering, discussion, and resting between classes.


Other Spaces

Conference room, labs for policy sciences and multicultural research, and labs for community work and cultural industrial training, etc.


Teaching Equipment

Various teaching equipment is available, including laptops, LED projectors, and a variety of information appliances as well as educational software such as SPSS, STATA, UCINET, End Note, ATLAS.ti, HLM, LISREL/PRELIS, Master Collection, Mindjet Mind Manager, MVIVO, GIS, and WIN-CAMI.